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Kizomba Lock Down

Kizomba Lock Down 3 | Kizomba Lock Down 2 | Kizomba Lock Down 1

With the dance scene locked down due to the Covid-19 pandemic, everyone should stay safe and stay home but keep the Kizomba vibes alive. So we launched a live talk show event, inviting a hot list of Kizomba celebrities via Facebook live, YouTube Live and the One Love Radio live stream.  We discussed the latest topics, shared knowledge about the culture and listened to some of the hottest tunes on the planet! There were 3 episodes in total with at least 6 episodes each.

Kizomba Lock Down 3

Continuing to build on the success of the last series and raising the bar. With Super Dixon, DJ Babacar, Avelino, Felicien, Kaysha, Grace Evora, Kizomba KO.

Kizomba Lock Down 2

Back by popular demand, another series with another 6 episodes including Bonifacio, Richard Voogt, Iris De Brito, Oncle Kani, Robert & Jean

Kizomba Lock Down 1

6 episodes of interviews with Kizomba VIPs keeping the vibes alive on One Love Radio. Includes Dr Kizomba, Blaise Mwami, DJ Paparazzi, Angel Nkiru, James Kizomba Shaolin.